Mulching & Bed Maintenance Services

Experienced and Budget Friendly Mulching  Services in the Raleigh – Durham, Granville and Wake County Areas.

Man doing yard work, spreading mulch around landscape bushes from a wheelbarrow

Healthy Bed, Healthy Plants

Mulching is an important part of a healthy lawn or garden. You use mulch, rock, bark, and similar materials to control the growth of weeds, restricting moisture loss and help enhance the aesthetic of your garden.

Stanley’s Lawn Care provides professional mulching services which will make your garden healthy and more beautiful.

How Our Garden Mulch Delivery and Spreading Works

Our experts are deeply knowledgable about the many kinds of mulches in the market, the effects of each one different garden and which one is best for you. After all, if it was just spreading any mulch then anyone could do it.

Our services start with the initial consultation. We will understand what you are looking for along with providing our input. The next step is to learn more about your lawn including the measurements and determining the type and amount of mulch you might need.