Aeration Services

Keep Your Lawns Nourished with the best Lawn Aeration Service in the Raleigh – Durham, Granville, and Wake County Areas.


Green and Healthy Lawn with Our Lawn Aeration Services

Restore the health of your lawn by lessening soil compaction, eliminating layers of thatch, and keeping the roots healthy with our lawn aeration services.

Stanley’s lawncare has been working on lawns throughout the Durham, Granville, Wake County, and surrounding areas and preserving clients’ lawns strong and vibrant for years with our professional services.

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What is Lawn Aeration?

Aeration is the process of creating small holes in your lawn to allow the grassroots to more efficiently absorb nutrients, water, and air.
This also helps in controlling thatches. Lawns that are aerated correctly will make sure the oxygen reaches the top layer of soil. These minerals and oxygen are important for the grass to live.

Another reason for aerating is that the layers of thatches are broken up during the process. Thatch is the living and dead matter comprising mainly of roots and cut leaves which form a top layer over the soil. When they become too much it will suppress the growth of your lawn as time goes by.

The plugs that are made during the process will be left on the ground itself which usually breakdown and gives back the nutrients to the soil during rain or other processes like mowing. This helps in faster growth during succeeding seasons.